Hi, my name is Jen! I teach smart, ambitious folks (like yourself!) how to solve impossible problems, improve their thinking, perfect their habits, and make better decisions with behavioral science and psychology.

Maybe you’re:

  • A busy creative professional, struggling to solve problems with limited time and money.

  • An entrepreneur or someone with a side-gig, trying to make good decisions quickly and easily.

  • A student, or early in your career, trying to break bad habits and build a thinking routine that helps you achieve your personal and professional goals.

If that sounds like you, Growth Habits Lab is here to help.

I believe that evidence-based approaches rooted in behavioral science and psychology techniques can help us find meaning, happiness, health, and satisfaction in life, all without sacrificing our mental health.

Who am I?

Growth Habits Lab is written by me, Jen Clinehens, an American writer and behavior change strategist living in the United Kingdom. I’ve been applying behavioral science and psychology to my work in marketing for many years, and am the author of Choice Hacking and How to Solve Impossible Problems.

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Jen Clinehens
I write about how to use behavioral science and psychology to improve customer experiences.